My name is Jill White. I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. I started using essential oils around 2012 and they have changed my life. Over time, our family has been able to slowly reduced the toxic load we were exposed to, by using all the other natural products doTERRA has developed, in addition to essential oils. 

I want to share the information with others so they can benefit also. One of the biggest ways I have noticed the changes are with my physical activities and not feeling like I was hit by a bus the next day. My recovery is better.

My husband and I love to Mountain bike the local trails, go hiking during our vacation and just about any other fun exercise. I am also active as a basketball referee, even working in the college ranks. I need to be able to focus and perform at my best for long stretches of time. I would love to help you have the same results. 

Join me! You can just hang out and learn or you can jump on my team and pioneer a new direction!
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